We come to your Home, Office, Business, or Vehicle. Professionally Photograph either the interior or exterior of your project to be painted. Then import them into our state of the art graphics software, isolate the individual color areas and are then able to offer you a view of millions of different color choices and combinations.
Once thats complete you then receive a printout of your project, all color codes and a swatch printout of selected colors. Plus the files on your choice of media. If you desire we'll even put them on the web for ease of access.
                              HOME PRE PAINTING
All the colors of the rainbow, from soft pastels to vibrant vivid choices. Exteriors and Interiors.
Siding, to cedar shingles or any other covering, Roofs, trim, and lighting effects.
Prices start at $74.95 for one color, $99.95 for two.
Call for special requests and prices on unusual or unique projects. 
 View it before you do it!